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Vaccination: Toronto breaks North American daily record at Maple Leafs arena | Coronavirus: Ontario

Vaccination: Toronto breaks North American daily record at Maple Leafs arena | Coronavirus: Ontario

The preliminary accounts presented by the City indicate that in the end, 26,771 doses were administered, among them 981 first doses and 25,793 second doses.

The 25,000 dates originally scheduled were all booked early last week, but the City agreed to distribute even more doses to people who showed up at the Scotiabank arena late Sunday evening. In total, around 1,785 people per hour were vaccinated.


At the end of the afternoon, organizers said they had broken the daily vaccination record when they exceeded 17,000 doses distributed. Previous Canadian One-Day Vaccination Clinic Record Set […] le 16 mai […] in Toronto, can we read in an official press release from the City of Toronto.

Then, in the evening, the organizers confirmed having reached and exceeded the figure of 25,000. The North American record of 17,000 doses administered during a one-day vaccination operation was therefore broken. According to the City of Toronto, Fort Worth, Texas had established this mark during a drive-thru vaccination clinic.

Vaccination began at 7 a.m. and continued until 9 p.m., for a total of 14 hours of vaccination.

Rows of tables and the necessary equipment for vaccination.

The 25,000 appointments were all booked as of Saturday, according to the City.

Photo : CBC / Robert Krbavac

The mood was high on Sunday morning as Torontonians lined up in the sun to get their shots. A DJ was on site to liven up the wait with music.

After receiving his second dose shortly after opening, Mayor John Tory stepped out to chat with Torontonians in line.

Mayor John Tory chats with people in line.

Mayor John Tory went out to talk to his constituents after receiving his second dose.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Camille Gris-Roy

June 27 has been declared Vaccine Day in Toronto by a proclamation from the mayor.

This vaccination day in Toronto required a lot of organization, according to the mayor. Nearly 800 volunteers have been recruited.

Janet McCrimmon is one of the people who answered the call to lend a hand to this mass vaccination effort.

We will beat the world record, there is no doubt! We’re gonna stay there until it’s done.

A quote from:Janet McCrimmon, volunteer
A masked woman speaks to the camera outside the Scotiabank arena.

Janet McCrimmon was keen to participate in the mass immunization effort as a volunteer.

Photo : CBC

We’re of course used to seeing our dear Raptors and Leafs play here, Mr Tory said on Saturday. On Sunday, what will happen here will be just as special and just as important for the well-being and happiness of the people.

Saturday morning, the City said that more than 3.2 million doses had been administered since the start of its vaccination campaign and that over 794,000 people had also made an appointment.

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