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Recovering from a stroke at 35

Recovering from a stroke at 35

Recovering from a stroke at 35

Posted on June 24, 2021

Self-portrait of Simon Landry in a hospital room.

Simon Landry photographed himself during his hospital stay.PHOTO: Courtesy of Simon Landry

On May 14, while in his studio, Simon Landry suffered a stroke. A few weeks later, he wanted to make the population aware of the signs and symptoms to watch out for.

At 35, you don’t expect to have a stroke, absolutely pas, he says.

Simon Landry says that one Friday evening, he was in his studio. He planned to use his evening to relax, do some carpentry work and drink a beer. Suddenly he begins to feel a tingling sensation in his right eye.

Thinking to himself that it is probably a dust in the eye, he continues to work. However, a tingling in the mouth begins to manifest itself, and he feels dizzy.

It’s very sneaky a stroke. We have the impression of being a little intoxicated. Dizziness, speech problems, we don’t speak, we have difficulty speaking, reports Simon Landry, adding that everything is happening very quickly.

We don’t talk about minutes, we talk about seconds, he emphasizes.

The signs of a stroke, QUICKLY:

  • V: face. Is he sagging?
  • I: Incapacity. Can you lift both arms normally?
  • T: Speech disorder. Pronunciation problems?
  • E: Extreme urgency. Dial 9-1-1

Simon Landry hurries back to his house to get in touch with someone. Despite the dizziness, he manages to call his wife and asks her to come help him. She calls the ambulance, and the paramedics arrive at Simon Landry’s in a matter of minutes.

I was taken care of very quickly and it is thanks to this that the aftereffects were limited, he reports.

Today, Simon Landry is feeling good, but he insists that we should all remain vigilant in order to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

We always tell ourselves that it happens to others, but ultimately, after having experienced this event, there are a lot of people who have confided in them. We realize that it affects a lot more people than we think, he concludes.

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