Disc golf: a sport increasingly practiced by women

Disc golf: a sport increasingly practiced by women

Jo Henderson was behind the creation of this women’s league which she started with the help of the Edmonton Disc Golf Association.

The young woman is far from being a novice in the practice of this sport. She has been handling the record for more than 10 years. His precision in the throw has even allowed him to participate in competitions at a professional level.

While participating in a tournament in October 2020, she found herself the only woman again. She then decides to act. This is how the first women’s disc golf league was born in Edmonton.

At the very beginning, we thought there would be maybe 5, 10 or 15 women who would join the league. […] Now we are about sixty.

A quote from:Joe Henderson, Founder of the Women’s Disc Golf League

What makes the success of this practice? For Joe Henderson, there is no doubt that the desire to escape has something to do with it.

Many women say it’s a fun way to make friends during COVID-19 and find refuge in the exercise and the outdoors while we’re all stuck at home, she says.

Several women from the association pose for a group photo in Rundle Park.

The Edmonton Disc Golf Association’s women’s league has about sixty members.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Emily Fitzpatrick

Friends and the outdoors

The pandemic has helped the popularity of disc golf because the sport allows adequate physical distancing.

The rules are similar to golf, but instead of hitting a ball towards a hole, players throw discs at targets.

In Rundle Park, the 18-target course features tree-lined walkways, elevation changes, and a few water hazards.

Vicky Yeung is a member of this Edmonton women’s league. She started out playing Ultimate Frisbee, but when the health restrictions took effect, she switched to disc golf.

Vicky Yeung prepares to fly the disc on the Rundle Park disc golf course.

Vicky Yeung enjoys playing disc golf because it allows her to meet other women and make new friends.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Emily Fitzpatrick

I think what’s really good is that you can see friendships developing between people who signed up on their own out of a need to get away from it all.

A quote from:Vicky Yeung, disc golf player

The games take place on Wednesday evenings at Rundle Park. Jo Henderson emphasizes that all women are welcome.

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